What’s In My Hospital Bag (from a second time mom)

I feel like this pregnancy has completely flown by, and I’m at that weird place where I cannot wait to meet our baby boy and want these last few weeks to go so quickly, and the other part of me wants to just soak up this sweet time, enjoy sleep, and cross off some more tasks on our to do list. Joe was saying how he can’t wait for the baby to nap on his chest, and if this baby is like his big sister, that will be a favorite place to sleep. Cecelia is her usual sweet self about her baby brother and helping me “orgazine” (seriously, ask her to say “organize” it’s so stinking cute).


At 35 weeks, I’m feeling great, and I’m so thankful for that. I don’t know at what point in my third trimester when pregnant with Cecelia that I started experiencing some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, but I’m thrilled that this third trimester has been so different! I had insomnia during the night when pregnant with her, back pain, as well as carpal tunnel pain that would radiate from my elbows down to my hands, especially when I woke up. I also got incredibly swollen with her-seriously my feet and ankles were huge, and had several instances of the dreaded charley horses, which thankfully I’ve had only once and it went away quickly after rubbing my calf. I suppose I still have time for those things to come, but I also know now how to help relieve some of those things with Shaklee in case they were to pop up in my final weeks (For ex.: OsteoMatrix or Chewable Cal/Mag for the charley horses and insomnia, Alfalfa and OmegaGuard for the swelling and carpal tunnel.)

With all that said, I thought I’d share what I’m packing in my hospital bag! I was so fortunate to be in the room with my sister last year when she was in labor with my nephew, and I was seriously so impressed at how she handled everything drug free, and she credits that to some of the amazing safe and natural products she used during labor. I’m going into this labor with some of the same thoughts that I had with Cecelia (see how long I can last without an epidural…maybe I will get one, maybe I won’t ;)), and I do plan on doing a lot of the same things I did the first time I labored, if I’m able to. Some of those things are using an exercise ball, squatting during contractions, and laboring at home until the contractions got to the point of, “do not talk to me!” I am also so thankful I was able to have lots of skin to skin time and nurse right away with C when she was born, and I’m praying I’ll be able to do with Baby Boy too. I didn’t have Shaklee in my life back then though, so here are some of the things I’ll be doing differently, especially after seeing how much they helped Katie and reading so many other Shaklee moms’ stories and recommendations.

Sidenote: If you want any information on prenatal health, please contact me!

Shaklee Physique and Performance

1. Performance. This is Shaklee’s all natural hydration drink with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. You have probably seen me talk about it in the summer for during and after workouts. I seriously love this stuff and am really excited to have this during labor-which is obviously a HUGE workout! It hydrates better than water alone, replacing essential electrolytes and speeding recovery, maintaining blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and to increase stamina.

2. Chewable Cal/Mag. I will be using these during and after labor. Magnesium relaxes muscles and calcium stimulates muscles to contract. Katie was chewing these throughout her labor to help with her contractions (and the nurses were so impressed by how well she handled natural labor-she honestly made it look easy), and it also helps with the uterine cramping that comes after delivery. I plan on chewing 1/hour or 2 every 2 hours. Also, for any of my pregnant friends, Cal/Mag has really helped so many of my friends with heartburn, and is also great for preventing charley horses.

3. Energy Chews. My plan is to have these before pushing. Each Energy Chew delivers a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins, and vitamin D. And there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you’ll find in other energy products.

4. Physique. I will be mixing this yummy powder with milk after delivery to help repair muscles. It is clinically proven to naturally enhance the recovery process after exercise, and contains a unique protein to carb ratio that allows your body to receive a full spectrum of amino acids over time and restore muscle energy. My friend, Harper, said she consumed half the container within the first couple days of her children’s births and believes it is what made it so easy for her to bounce back so quickly.

5. Stress Relief Complex. I will be using this for any anxiety, whether it is during labor or in the postpartum days. The anxiety that occurred three years ago with my postpartum hormones was definitely a challenge and I’m happy to know this next time I have more knowledge about nutrition and safe supplements that can really help with that.

6. Herb-Lax and Fiber Plan. This is a healthier alternative to the stool softeners provided by the hospital. My daily probiotic, Optiflora, will also help.

7. Pain Relief Complex. I will be trying this as an alternative to Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

8. Vitalizer (my prenatal), for pre and post labor. In addition to vitamins and minerals, it also contains Optiflora, which is the most bio-available probiotic option with its patented triple encapsulated delivery system. I seriously LOVE Shaklee’s probiotic! This is so important during pregnancy as well for the gut flora of the baby, to help with immunity, digestion, and their skin. The Vitalizer strip also contains OmegaGuard, which is so important for the developing baby’s eye and brain health, as well as for postpartum moms to help with the baby blues/depression. I’ve been taking Vitamin D throughout the winter, as well as B complex, and will continue to take both postpartum to help with the baby blues as well. And with all of Shaklee’s products, you are guaranteed everything will be pure, safe, and effective, unlike many other supplements on the market.

Back at home…

9. Alfalfa. I’ll take this if needed to increase milk production. Fortunately I didn’t seem to have an issue with that with Cecelia, but I’m throwing it out there for any other moms who may need a boost in their supply. It’s helped so many of the nursing moms I know! It also reduces swelling so that can be really helpful with how swollen I may end up getting.

10. Lecithin. As a natural emulsifier, I’ll take this for any plugged ducts, which I did get when nursing C. Lecithin is a natural compound that helps your body’s ability to absorb and make use of fat-soluble nutrients, which are critical to a wide range of body functions. I also love Garlic, which is beneficial for fighting mastitis and other infections.

Shaklee Labor Products

Shaklee Energy Chews and Cal Mag

Vitalizer and B complex

Additional items I’ll be packing:

· Snacks! Meal bars, trail mix, dried plums, Justin’s almond butter packets & apples, pistachios, protein balls…I was SO hungry after delivering Cecelia and was so thankful for the snacks my mom brought for those nighttime nursing sessions.

· Shaker bottle for Physique

· Nursing tanks (2)

· Comfy lounge pants (2 pairs)

· Comfy cardigans/wraps

· Flip flops & moccasin slippers

· DSLR camera

· Phone and charger

· Toiletries & makeup

· Multipurpose cream

· Baby boy’s going home outfit & hat

· Cute swaddle blanket for Baby

· Boppy

· Bananagrams (Joe and I always enjoy playing this game together and played after having C.)

· Gift for Cecelia from her baby bro


I got a couple Destination Maternity nursing tanks from Buy Buy Baby on clearance for only $8.49 each! The purple (wrinkly) pants are Gilligan and O’Malley from Target and are SO soft.


The baggies have measured servings of Physique and Performance. And I’ll definitely be bringing more snacks than what’s pictured!

Ahhh we are so excited to meet this precious boy and hold him in our arms!

If you want to try any of these products, mention this post to me and receive a free Performance or Energy Chews with any purchase of 50pv or more (offer ends May 31, 2015).