A Day in the Life

I thought it would be fun to document another day in the life here on the blog (that hasn’t had a post in like a year-whoops!). It is such a gift to be able to stay home with Cecelia (just turned 4) and James (10 months). I also love being able to work around our schedule with Shaklee, contribute financially with a passion of mine to help other’s improve their health and work with some amazing friends. So here is a day in our life from last Tuesday!

7:30 a.m. James is up! I am usually up with him several times during the night (I know I know). I am greeted with smiles and I scoop him up from his crib and we open the blinds throughout the house. C is up shortly after and wants to read books we checked out from the library so we head to the couch and read while I nurse James.


She loves wearing Joe’s tshirts to bed lately, it’s so cute.

I make them breakfast, Cecelia requests blueberry oatmeal with peanut butter and sliced banana, and James has his usual of fruit (berries usually) and a scrambled egg.


Those bed heads kill me! Love them. While I’m making breakfast and putting away the dry dishes Cecelia signs her name on her thank you cards from her birthday.


I need to place a Shaklee order for our family and a few others, so I do that while they’re eating and playing.


The kids play and I get a few things done while sipping my coffee. I can’t tell you how much I adore the way Cecelia loves on her brother. She is so nurturing, loves taking care of him and playing with him, and he thinks she is the coolest person around. No one makes him laugh as hard as she does and he lights up when he sees her. I pray they would continue to have such a close and special relationship!

Cece plays this fun game she got from Joe’s parents for her birthday.


Eventually it’s nap time, so I read to James and C cleans up her room (his crib is in there).


I close the blinds, turn on the sound machine, sing to him and lay him down and close the door.

I make myself breakfast and C plays with these fun Melissa and Doug puffy stickers that go in these pet shop scenes.


Toast with jam, cheddar, and an egg (so good), fruit and my Vitalizer.

James finally goes to sleep after fussing and C and I paint for a bit.


I put on Peppa Pig for her and hop in the shower. I fold laundry, talk to my sister, and C and I read books.

James napped from 10:55-12:30. He’s up and I nurse him and make lunch. I get out leftover peas for him and C asks for the same (um, yes, do you even have to ask?!). He eats peas, cheese, and an orange, C has peas, almond milk, fruit salad, and a banana with almond butter, She is such a chatter box which is so funny because around a lot of people she is extremely quiet. I warm up leftover quinoa and green beans, and slice up a chicken sausage and heat in the pan really quick. It’s delish! Once I eat all the chicken sausage I top the rest with feta ha.


I also take an extra B Complex and Vita D for energy, mood and immunity support.

b complex and vita d

After lunch the kids play in Cece’s room while I wash the dishes and James comes out like this. Haha I love that she put this fishing vest on him!


2:00 I get the jogging stroller out of the shed and we walk to the grocery store. It’s a lovely, sunny day!


We get veggies, fruit, and pork chops for dinner tonight. On our walk home I call one of my besties/teammates and we catch up and strategize on a few things.

3:00 We are back and C helps me marinade the pork chops (soy sauce, grapeseed oil, few cloves fresh minced garlic, ginger and brown sugar) while James gets into my baking pans as usual.


It seems like the bag is leaking already so I clean up the counter with these:

shaklee germ off wipes

C tells me “Mama, James got into the tissues” (the boy loves tissues!) and picks them up for me (seriously she rocks). She colors and writes, which has been so fun to watch her grow and learn.



3:40 I go to lay James down for a nap but he’s been having a weird week and won’t go down for one of his naps sometimes. I try and even nurse him to sleep but it’s just not happening so by 4:25 I bring him back out. During that time C and I chat and snack on apples with almond butter.


We play and I work on a binder for my new business builder I’m meeting with after bed time. By 5:00 I turn on an episode of Wild Kratts for C and then Joe is home! He showers and then plays with the kids while I finish up the binder and make a simple dinner.



After getting James cleaned up and ready for bed, I nurse him, read, pray and sing a song and lay him down. He’s so tired he goes right to sleep. I say goodnight to C and head over to my sister’s house for a wonderful meeting with my dear childhood friends and Shaklee teammates. My job rocks.

9:00 head home-1 mile, thank you Lord-and catch up with Joe and eat a Chobani Flip (so good) on the couch.

I get ready for bed (often times later than I should) and pass out in bed.

Is this how everyday looks? Nope! A few things not seen in this day that can typically be seen throughout my week: Life Shake, Bible study, meltdowns, chores, hanging with my fam and my BFF, preschool, oh and time wasted on my phone (instagram, you suck me in).

I’m always in need of grace and so thankful for how God cares for us, equips me, and so so grateful for the precious family and friends He’s given me.

“So don’t get tired of doing what is good. Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.” Galatians 5:9